My Lab Offers Software Development Services, Web Site Design & Systems Administration

Service Areas:
San Francisco, East Bay, Oakland, Berkeley to Livermore, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and Concord, California.

Business consulting Customer relationship management (CRM) Financial management software
IT services Strategy and architecture Server management - Microsoft, Linux, Solaris. Workstation setup, Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Ubuntu operating system installation, anti-virus installation, critical patch upgrades, and repair of virus damaged systems and data recovery. Network router installation and programming, highest grade connection security setup, cable and wireless, firewall setup with optional inbound pass-through port services and custom stand-alone firewall boxes (put between modem and routers) with tripwire software to send cellphone text message alerts when suspicious or attempted malicious hacking is detected. NAS file server setup with NFS and SMB to enable file sharing of important data, database access, and audio and video files, including security camera video.
Application services Custom software developer, contract application development and systems integration Application management and quality assurance QA testing
Information and computer security
PCI compliance and FIPS 140
Computer and web server vulnerability testing, intrusion detection, forensics, and identification. Credit and debit card security to comply with PCI DSS and data security in compliance with FIPS 140 machines. Sensitive data protection, loss and theft prevention, securing Internet software and system hardening, firewall design, lockdown, and access authorization and control design and engineering services. SSL certificate generation and installation. E-commerce applications and website shopping cart software (OsCommerce, etc.)  with custom modifications, including encrypted database records or columns to protect customers' sensitive financial information.

Michael Skramstad is a freelance, consulting software developer, web site architect, and a systems and database administrator, offering application and hardware integration solutions for business and government. Contact me for software or website development services.

Environments: Internet-based web browsers and PC/Server networks, Unix/Linux and Windows.

Languages: PHP, Perl, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET VisualBASIC, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and XML.

Database Servers: Sun Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL server.

Current Project:  Scripts and code to automate the process of taking server farm image snapshots, compressed and encrypted, for local and cloud backup and recovery.

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