(A) Programming scripts and code to automate cloud and server farm administration, management, fault tolerant, fail safe backup image snapshots, recovery, data compression, cryptography algorithms, end to end encryption, securing digital rights, copy detection, protection and secure private communication.   

(B) Quantum computing self-learning algorithm that skips linear computing to make increasingly better guesses to find solutions quicker in an infinite variable space.

(C) Spatially distributed clean quantum random number generators, faster sensor drivers, quantum chaos function discoveries, quantum effects source direction finding or localization and clock improvement. And, detecting position in infinite space with quantum fractal signatures denoting xyz coordinates. Quantum radios.

(D) Instruments  to detect, characterize, and localize sources of anti-gravity waves using functions found in quantum chaos.

(E) Space probes with self-contained quantum space and with onboard quantum radios and quantum space positioning instruments are sent through long jump to random locations and to known locations to verify theory and for calibration. Build sleds, life supporting pods, backpacks and wearables with the same equipment that the probes have. 

Computation Environments: Internet-based web browsers, PC/Server networks, Unix/Linux, Windows, Apple OS X, Virtual Machines VMware, VM VirtualBox, Android Smart Phones, Intel, ARM, nVidia GPU Tegra, Tesla, Motorola, and Texas Instruments.

Computer Languages: PHP, Perl, Intel GNU C++, BASH scripts, Python, Java JNI, C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft VB.NET Visual BASIC,  DOS VBScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, TI-86, MATLAB, Google Android SDK, NDK, ARM SDK, GNU ARM C++, Intel Machine/Assembly Language 8086, 8087, 8088, 686, nVidia Tegra and Tesla parallel Thrust library and CUDA C++ toolchains.

Database Servers: Sun Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL server.

San Francisco, East Bay, Oakland, Berkeley to Livermore, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and Concord, California.

(C) 2014 Mike Skramstad